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We do club orders for bulk woodenware, bees, and queens throughout the year. This ensures the best possible price for you as a club member. This list is for outside those normal purchasing times. We ask that as a member if you are placing a large order to announce it and open up the order so that other members could add to it if at all possible to help with bulk pricing. We have contacts we work with at the larger vendors that typically help us with large orders if you need us to help facilitate.

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Beekeeping Equipment & Protective Gear
At Mann Lake LTD, we provide and manufacture high-quality beekeeping equipment and protective gear for professional beekeepers and beginning beekeeping hobbyists alike. Our bee hive supplies range from protective clothing and honey extraction tools to hive kits and even live bees. We offer various beekeeping kits to make managing starter bee hives simple, and we provide various hive components for those who want to build their own hive.

For over 150 years Dadant and Sons has produced and sold the best beekeeping supplies & equipment available to beekeepers throughout the world. Whether you’re an experienced beekeeper or a new hobbyist, we can provide you with the proper equipment and information you need to be a successful beekeeper.

Queen suppliers/ Mercantile/woodware suppliers/ bee suppliers

Specializing in High Quality Queen Bees, Package Bees, Nucs, Established Hives, Bee Supplies

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