Beekeepers Association Ends, Beekeepers Fellowship Begins

December 13, 2022

Hill County Beekeepers Association Member:

I am writing to inform you of changes to the Hill County Beekeepers Association. Because of the increasing difficulty of finding enough members to serve in its leadership positions, the HCBA voted on November 15, 2022 to disband as a formal association with officers, by-laws, bank account, and dues requirements. However, the beekeeper group will continue as a fellowship group still dedicated to promoting beekeeping in our area.

For our first meeting as a fellowship group, we will meet on January 17, 2023, the third Tuesday of the month, at Central Baptist Church from 6 to 7:30 PM in Hillsboro, Tx. The speaker will be Delwin Hinkle on the topic of “Photographing Bees.” There will be a chili potluck meal at 6pm and the program will start at 6:45.

Changes that are going to take place include:

Name: Hill County Beekeepers Association will now be known as the Hill County Beekeepers Fellowship.

Location and Time: The new meeting location will be at Central Baptist Church, 1100 Old Bynum Rd. Hillsboro, TX 76645. We will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Leadership: With this change, there will not be elected officers with duties, nor will there be club by-laws.

Notice of monthly meetings: The club website will be discontinued at the end of December 2022. There will not be monthly meeting email notifications. We will be changing our Facebook account / name to Hill County Beekeepers Fellowship rather than Hill County Beekeepers Association. We will continue to put meeting announcements in local newspapers.

No Dues: The HCBA dues will be discontinued and the bank account closed. The remaining funds will be equally distributed to the Texas chapter of Hives for Heros and the Johnson County Jail Inmate Bee Program.

Speakers: As often as possible, there will be speakers on beekeeping as well as opportunities for new and experienced beekeepers to ask questions and share their knowledge and experience.

The idea for the beekeeper fellowship is to attract persons interested in beekeeping and to learn more about beekeeping and to achieve that goal via more personal interaction.

As a result of being more of a fellowship organization, we encourage fellow beekeepers to come to the meetings, bring food, and questions about beekeeping related topics.

If you have questions about these changes please feel free to email them to me and I will try to address them.

Donn Beighley

HCBA President

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